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Hersey's [16 Oct 2005|07:54pm]
I've asked before and gotten the "Hurshey" font which was not of much use to me seeing as how it doesn't REALLY resemble the font I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a font extremely similar to this:
including the "milk chocolate" on the bottom? Thanks a ton!
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[20 Jul 2005|12:50am]
Some counselors at SLCT who are the oldest ones there, with the initals LB continually do "The Lobster Quadrille" while it is being performed onstage. It makes me angry and annoys everyone around her.

But I'm not saying any names...
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[22 Jun 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | vintage ]

This conversation sums up me and Laur's three year friendship. Big update coming up covering this week.

E n N 476 (11:09:20 PM): scott:-)
Boxers7 (11:10:09 PM): laur :-)
r E n N 476 (11:10:19 PM): hehehe whats u
r E n N 476 (11:10:22 PM): upp
Boxers7 (11:10:27 PM): nothing you?
r E n N 476 (11:10:36 PM): nothing:-D
Boxers7 (11:11:43 PM): very excited for tomorrowww :-)
r E n N 476 (11:11:58 PM): same!
r E n N 476 (11:12:58 PM): what did u do tonight
Boxers7 (11:13:07 PM): nothing..haircut
Boxers7 (11:13:11 PM): hung out
r E n N 476 (11:13:35 PM): coooooll
Boxers7 (11:13:42 PM): you?
r E n N 476 (11:13:43 PM): is 2nd a big deal anymore?
Boxers7 (11:13:56 PM): awwww :-)
Boxers7 (11:14:01 PM): my laur got felt up!
r E n N 476 (11:14:11 PM): hahhh
r E n N 476 (11:14:15 PM): :-D
Boxers7 (11:14:35 PM): was it everything you expected it to be ;-)
r E n N 476 (11:15:16 PM): idk i guess
r E n N 476 (11:15:17 PM): haha
Boxers7 (11:15:32 PM): hahaha
Boxers7 (11:19:42 PM): gotta go
Boxers7 (11:19:49 PM): have to be perky tomorrow
r E n N 476 (11:19:55 PM): ill see you tomorrow at the rcc field house8-)
Boxers7 (11:20:01 PM): and i want it to be natural!!
r E n N 476 (11:20:05 PM): hahah i love you!
Boxers7 (11:20:17 PM): i dont think the prozac is doign anything anymore
Boxers7 (11:20:26 PM): I LOVE YOU TOO MY GRADUATE!! :-):-):-):-)
r E n N 476 (11:20:32 PM): I LOVE YOU!! AHHHH
Boxers7 (11:20:34 PM): AHHHHH WERE GRADUATING!!!!
r E n N 476 (11:20:35 PM): we're graduatiing
Boxers7 (11:20:42 PM): I remember when we met
r E n N 476 (11:20:44 PM): for grad present ill get u some more botox:-)
r E n N 476 (11:20:48 PM): i remmeber that too!!
Boxers7 (11:20:52 PM): appreciate it!!
r E n N 476 (11:20:59 PM): tell me the story of when we met:-)
Boxers7 (11:21:22 PM): what is this the fucking notebook
r E n N 476 (11:21:27 PM): hahahahahah
r E n N 476 (11:21:32 PM): I WATCHED THAT TONIGHT
Boxers7 (11:21:44 PM): well, we were in mr. downton's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period humanaties class
Boxers7 (11:22:06 PM): i was sitting in the third row with my, at that time, best friend shelby greany
Boxers7 (11:22:25 PM): headley moved me to the front row next to you and rachel
r E n N 476 (11:22:41 PM): hahahahaahhahahahahhaha
Boxers7 (11:23:07 PM): anyway, once the year took off mr. downton decided NOT to take a liking to me (later i realized it was because i was jewish)
r E n N 476 (11:23:20 PM): hahahah stop it!
Boxers7 (11:23:26 PM): we bonded by writing down all of the nasty things he said to me
r E n N 476 (11:23:30 PM): hes canadian thats why
Boxers7 (11:23:38 PM): things like..scott save your singing for the shower
r E n N 476 (11:23:40 PM): i only like thei bacon
r E n N 476 (11:23:43 PM): hahahah
Boxers7 (11:23:53 PM): scott...affirmative action is ok
Boxers7 (11:24:13 PM): scott...fucking rot in hell because i hate you, god damn jew!! jesus christ!!
r E n N 476 (11:24:19 PM): HI HITLER
Boxers7 (11:24:23 PM): well, maybe i exxagerated a little
r E n N 476 (11:24:27 PM): hahahahah
Boxers7 (11:24:44 PM): but in the last page of my humanaties notebook i wrote down all of the things he said to me
r E n N 476 (11:24:55 PM): i remember that!
Boxers7 (11:25:00 PM): you and rachel thought it was hysterical
r E n N 476 (11:25:06 PM): hahha
r E n N 476 (11:25:16 PM): and i remembber being in awe when u asked me for my phone number
r E n N 476 (11:25:28 PM): cause no boys looked at me let alone asked me for my number back in the day
Boxers7 (11:25:40 PM): and i remember when he assigned the tall tale storyy i turned to you and said: be my partner?
Boxers7 (11:25:46 PM): and we were partners
r E n N 476 (11:25:48 PM): yess!
r E n N 476 (11:26:00 PM): scottttty, that was the beginning of a beeeeeautiful friendship
Boxers7 (11:26:01 PM): and then i looked at you, chubby face and all, and said: she's ok
r E n N 476 (11:26:04 PM): and i quote casablanca
r E n N 476 (11:26:13 PM): haahah:-D
Boxers7 (11:27:04 PM): so i wrote my tall tale about you and it started to rain, at the end of the day i saw you outside, i called your name and you lept into my arms, we embraced into a heated makeout session that led to fucking in the barn which is where chris came from
Boxers7 (11:27:10 PM): WAIT!!
Boxers7 (11:27:15 PM): did that really happen?
r E n N 476 (11:27:21 PM): HAHAHAhahahahh
Boxers7 (11:27:24 PM): shit..i thought we were in the notebook
Boxers7 (11:27:37 PM): well anyway..fast forward to mid sixth grade
r E n N 476 (11:27:46 PM): keep going wiht your storyy
Boxers7 (11:27:57 PM): i realized i had a "crush" on you
Boxers7 (11:28:10 PM): i confessed my love and you said "but, i like mike cody"
Boxers7 (11:28:30 PM): i was crushed, devestated, suicidal..which led to my long battle with prozac
r E n N 476 (11:28:32 PM): I DONT REMEMBER THIS
Boxers7 (11:28:43 PM): mmhmm..it happened
Boxers7 (11:28:54 PM): and i copied and pasted the entire thing to rachel as it happened
r E n N 476 (11:29:06 PM): noo wait..
r E n N 476 (11:29:12 PM): i knew that u liked me at some point
r E n N 476 (11:29:15 PM): but i didn tthink u ever told me
Boxers7 (11:29:19 PM): it was 6th grade
Boxers7 (11:29:30 PM): i did
r E n N 476 (11:29:43 PM): ew im sorry
Boxers7 (11:29:45 PM): i was crushed with every boy you went out with
r E n N 476 (11:29:57 PM): were u reallY!
Boxers7 (11:30:10 PM): oh please..i wwas devestated
r E n N 476 (11:30:26 PM): oh scottt, you'll always be my bestfriend.. doesnt that mean more to u!
Boxers7 (11:30:40 PM): i've since moved on laur..please
r E n N 476 (11:30:51 PM): well sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!
Boxers7 (11:31:03 PM): if i cried everytime you had a boyfriend i would've shriviled up by now
r E n N 476 (11:31:12 PM): hahahaha
Boxers7 (11:31:34 PM): .so anyeway..confessed my love, shot down, prozac ok...6th grade continues
Boxers7 (11:31:44 PM): i lead the petition for the 6th grade musical
Boxers7 (11:31:53 PM): i win and you get into the show
Boxers7 (11:32:09 PM): this is when i find out you had a "not so nice side"
r E n N 476 (11:32:17 PM): hahahah
Boxers7 (11:32:22 PM): when you stormed out of the rehersal quitting
r E n N 476 (11:32:42 PM): i most certainlydid not storm out!
r E n N 476 (11:32:45 PM): i told her over the phone
r E n N 476 (11:32:46 PM): please scott
r E n N 476 (11:32:50 PM): i was a pussy back int he day
Boxers7 (11:32:51 PM): no you didnt
Boxers7 (11:32:54 PM): hahahah
r E n N 476 (11:32:55 PM): yes i did!
Boxers7 (11:32:59 PM): anyway...
r E n N 476 (11:32:59 PM): i remember the convertsation i had with her
Boxers7 (11:33:23 PM): i was upset, i'll admit but you moved on to bigger and better things (what i dont exactly know)
r E n N 476 (11:33:45 PM): hahaahah
Boxers7 (11:34:05 PM): 6th grade ended and we were close as SOMETHING to SOMETHING
r E n N 476 (11:34:27 PM): sorry i just threw up alittel in my mouth
Boxers7 (11:34:31 PM): hahaha
Boxers7 (11:35:10 PM): now can we die in the same bed together?
r E n N 476 (11:35:15 PM): hahahahahah
r E n N 476 (11:35:21 PM): i woudlnt have it any other way
Boxers7 (11:35:36 PM): i love you laur
r E n N 476 (11:35:59 PM): i love you scott
Boxers7 (11:36:12 PM): ugh..can i tell you i cried when i got off the bus today?
Boxers7 (11:36:21 PM): cause me and my busdriver have a bond
r E n N 476 (11:36:23 PM): did u reallyy!
Boxers7 (11:36:27 PM): and she was crying
Boxers7 (11:36:32 PM): so i started crying
r E n N 476 (11:36:36 PM): awww
Boxers7 (11:36:42 PM): oh wait!!
r E n N 476 (11:36:46 PM): my bus driver looked up my skirt the other day..
r E n N 476 (11:36:47 PM): hahahah jk
Boxers7 (11:37:21 PM): i wanted to bring up how you had a chubby face in 6th grade but matured to a beautiful young lady who i am proud to call "my female side" ;-)
Boxers7 (11:37:30 PM): but i didnt know where to bring it in
r E n N 476 (11:37:36 PM): hahhahahahahaha
Boxers7 (11:37:41 PM): hence me alluding to the chubby face above
r E n N 476 (11:37:52 PM): I HAD SOME BABY FAT ILL ADMIT
Boxers7 (11:38:01 PM): i'd be mad if you didnt!!
r E n N 476 (11:38:41 PM): aw scott im like crying
Boxers7 (11:39:09 PM): why? did i hurt your feelings?
r E n N 476 (11:39:18 PM): haha no:-)
Boxers7 (11:39:19 PM): or are you touched by the moment?
r E n N 476 (11:39:24 PM): yes
Boxers7 (11:40:30 PM): and now we're gonna go to high school and your gonna forget all about me and move on to more popular people, and i'm gonna call you one day and your gonna be like "abby, you'll never guess who just called me, SCOTT GALINA!!"
r E n N 476 (11:40:45 PM): omg
r E n N 476 (11:40:46 PM): scott
r E n N 476 (11:40:46 PM): never
Boxers7 (11:40:56 PM): hahaha
r E n N 476 (11:41:01 PM): i dont know what i would do with myselff if we werent friends
r E n N 476 (11:41:16 PM): or if our friendship became estranged ie. me and ____
Boxers7 (11:41:20 PM): things would be very different if we hadn't met
Boxers7 (11:41:26 PM): could you imagine?
Boxers7 (11:41:36 PM): i probably would be a nicer person
r E n N 476 (11:41:37 PM): i couldnt imagine my life without you
Boxers7 (11:41:38 PM): :-)
r E n N 476 (11:41:39 PM): hahahahahaha
r E n N 476 (11:41:43 PM): as would i:-)
Boxers7 (11:41:56 PM): hahaha...we bring out the worst in eachother
r E n N 476 (11:42:01 PM): i love it
Boxers7 (11:42:02 PM): as all good friends do
Boxers7 (11:42:15 PM): although some good friends bring out their penises
Boxers7 (11:42:17 PM): laur
r E n N 476 (11:42:29 PM): no i will not bring out my penis..
Boxers7 (11:42:29 PM): promise me we'll never become premiscious
Boxers7 (11:42:33 PM): hahahahahahahaha
r E n N 476 (11:42:47 PM): i promise you and i together will never become premiscious
r E n N 476 (11:48:27 PM): i still cant deal with the fact that crayola now produces makeup
Boxers7 (11:49:10 PM): mary kate and ashley produce furniture..so i believe anything now
r E n N 476 (11:49:16 PM): hahahahhha
r E n N 476 (11:50:10 PM): alright bubbyy.. im gonna hit the hay, i have a hair appointment with jen in under 12 hours :-) i love youuu my favorite graduate!! your my best friend..check out the a/m
“r E n N 476” is away from the computer as of 11:50:15 PM.
Boxers7 (11:50:59 PM): by laur!! i love you more!!

Auto response from r E n N 476:

Boxers7: and then i looked at you, chubby face and all, and said: she's ok

..i love remincing 6th grade memories with scott beforee graduation tomorrow

And that's how it all began.

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Catching Up, A New Novel by, Scott Galina [16 Jun 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

WOW!!!!! Can you believe it? I'm actually updating this thing! It's like the Apocolypse (sp?)! So, lots has happened since my last update. So much I can't even begin to get into it. The biggest thing that happend is the birth of my beautiful Max (Max is my new iBook G4). He arrived on my birthday, Saturday June 11th. The mother is my father's American Express card (he's not a cheap baby!). I'm sitting here typing this on my bed and I feel like popping in a cigg and calling myself Carrie Bradshaw. So, we had LOADS of fun at my birthday party. By the way, I love when I invite people and they don't RSVP or they RSVP yes and decide not to show up :). The Sawyer's, Leigh and Skylar showed up in a party bus, but I've moved on. So that was fun, got some great gifts and even better cards! So this past week we've done virtually nothing but prepare for finals. English was Tuesday/Wednesday. Science was this morning. Math is tomorrow. Spanish is Monday.

I have so many thoughts I'll just cut different thoughts:

On June 4th my parents decided to "surprise" me by taking me to the Don Henley/Stevie Nicks concert. Woop woop! The only reason I ended up going was to see my dear, dear Genna. So we get to the PNC Arts Center. The moment I step out of the car its like I'm in Margaritaville. I swear, I could've gotten drunk breathing through my mouth. So we get on this bus that takes us from the parking lot to the arena. On one side there are one seaters, on the other there are two. Me and my mom jump into a one seater and my dad into the one seater behind us. An intoxicated man by the name of 'Ralph' sits in the seat with my dad. He continues to strike up a lovely conversation with my father about my dad's background information. The whole time referring to him by, David, which my dad hates. So we get off the bus and he says to my mom (not knowing that David is my dad) "So, is this a mother/daughter thing?" My mom gives him a look like only she can give and says, "Mother/SON." "My apologies" said Ralph. He then proceeded to introduce us to my father. We said goodbye to Ralph and met up with Genna and Neil. As we sat down a fight erupted behind us. It was lovely. I'm not gonna lie, I really had a good time, I didn't know how much of the music I ended up knowing. Inbetween Don and Stevie they had this cool thing where if you sent a text message to a certain number they put it up on the giant screen. That was fun ;). Stevie had a really great set. During this set, Genna happened to lay eyes upon two homosexual women totally macking behind us. That too was lovely. They proceeded to do it throughout the whole night. My mother kept leaning over to me and screaming "WHERE ARE THE LESBIANS?!". Then Stevie sang this really wierd song about Beauty and the Beast that REALLY freaked me out. It was SCARY! Me and Genna rocked out to Edge of Seventeen and then had to go our seperate ways. By the way, still mad at Stevie for not playing Landslide.

Big BRAVA to Norbert and Victoria both who deserved their awards for Best Actor and Actress. I hadn't seen Sara Ramirez in her role so I was pretty bummed that Keli O' Hara didn't win. But watching a boot of Spamalot (thanks Josh!) I can see why she was voted for. Dan Folger earned the Tony for his acceptance speech alone. Moving on to Best Musical. Can someone explain to me how you can say: "The Light in the Piazza, you have the best actress, score, sets, costumes, lighting design, and orchestrations but yet, you are NOT the Best Musical of the year." It boggles my mind. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? All of the performances were wonderful EXCEPT for Sweet Charity. Has Christina Applegate not been doing the show for five monthes? Is it that hard to stay on the music? Now, don't get me wrong, I am Applegate's strongest advocate but she was terrible!! Strange to see Gertrude McFuzz as a prostitute. Moving on to Hugh Jackman. When the show started I said to my mother, YES Billy's hosting! They were kidding when they said Hugh was doing it AGAIN. But alas! I was Punk'd by the Tony Producers. Another terrible job by a terrible host. That "I'm Not Gonna Dance" was so akward I wanted to shut it off. And Jesse L. Martain. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. Why would you sing a song like "Razzle Dazzle" to honor dead people? And I won't even go near Aretha and Hugh.

Now, don't get me wrong Disney was the most AMAZING expierence of my life. It was an amazing opportunity, with an amazing group of people. Now, Disney was always "cliquey". Now the Disney Reunion was Sunday, June 12th. It was fun. Now, I'm not going to use names during this so bear with me. I walk in and I immediately see a girl in the cast. We make eye contact, I open my mouth but she keeps walking. I thought to myself, maybe she didn't see me. But, alas. Three times more I see her within the next five minutes and she makes no effort to welcome me. I don't see her again for the rest of the party. OK? Now, thank goodness for Josh and Mandy. I don't know how I would survive at one of these events without them. SIDENOTE: Jodi, we MUST do dinner. So for the rest of the evening I wandered having mini-conversations with people. Hearing everyone trash everyone else. A feelgood event!

So of course everyone was talking about having a food fight on Thursday (today) because it's the last day of lunch. Understandable. Didn't think much of it. So I get into school yesterday and in keyboard I see Amanda Mann pulling out huge Ziploc bag after huge Ziploc bag full of food. I ask her what it what it was for and she tells me its for the food fight at lunch, I though, OK she sits on the other side of the cafeteria, should be fun to watch. Now, lunch ends at 11:05. At 10:58 the whole other side of the cafeteria walks over, led by Amy and Amanda, carrying trays of food. Mind you however, today was TACO DAY. Harry says, if a food fight starts I'm pouring this whole thing of Gatorade on you. 10:59 "FOOD FIGHT". The cafeteria erupts with food. Taco's, salads, hot dogs, pasta, pizza. I'm screaming and going to get under the table when I feel a cold rush pouring over my head. That's correct, he poured the entire bottle of Gatorade on me. So the food fight ends and everyone is covered. I had red substance all over my legs. Poor Alex had taco filling all over her white Juicy shirt. Everyone has shit in their hair and its ALL over the floor. It is truly, DISGUSTING. Right out of a movie. Now mind you, at this point I'm gagging because 1.) i REEK! and 2.) I don't know whats on me. I go to call my mom but they tell everyone to sit right back down in their seats. Ertl lectures us. These are the snippets I remember:
So after 40 minutes of cleaning up the cafeteria we get let to period five. By the time I get there I am the last one there. My whole class is staring at me beause I'm drenched and covered in shit. So I go to Mr. Bianchi and say, I'm going to the office to get picked up. And he said "I don't blame you." So, I left and went home, showered, went to lunch with Mommy at Stella's and then went to New City for that Zambetti's low carb place. The one that they always have the ads for at the movies. So we go there and they have this frozen yogurt that is out of this world! So we get some of the and low carb stuff and we leave.

OK, most of you don't know this but for 5th grade graduation I really wanted to make the "Parents, Faculty and fellow Graduates..." speech. But, because I won an award I couldn't. Now, at the time I didn't know I won an award so I was like flipping out because they gave it to Olivia Licata. So once I got my award I understood. So Mrs. Gannon tells me that at graduation I will be saying the Pledge. Guess who's giving the speech?

That's right OLIVIA LICATA! UGH!! So I said to Mrs Gannon, have you told Olivia yet cause i would really like to give the speech. But she said she did and it's too late. Now, I have done everything for that school. Everything includes:
6th Grade:
Member of Student Council
Founding Member of Students Against Destructive Decisions
Petitioned for the 6th Grade Musical and won

7th Grade:
Vice President of Student Council
Member of Students Against Destructive Decisions
Performed in the Spring Musical, Annie Get Your Gun
Helped out with the 6th Grade Musical, Once on This Island

8th Grade:
President of Student Council
Member of Students Against Destructive Decisions
Played the lead in the Spring Musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Member of the Youth Advisory Panel
Helped out with the 6th Grade Musical, Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Planned the 8th Grade Dance

But I'm not worthy of giving a speech. Appreciate it Jabe.

Well, Show Choir has taken me for quite a ride this year. When it first started Mrs. Burtch said: we're doing The Lion King. Amanda Shpigler said, No, let's do Wicked. Amanda Shpigler never came back to Show Choir. Originally the only reason I did SC was to get the lead in the musical, honestly. Well, it worked. But I was stuck in SC for the rest of the year. Wicked was atrocious. It's not dance-a-ble and not written for Dena Ayzocovich. But, we did it anyway, The Wizard and I in head voice and alll. Second concert we decided to do a Broadway medly. Now, people spin, spin, step touch, step touch, is not a dance. Apparently some people don't know that. So for most of the concert we were step touching and spinning. I sang the Seymour part in Suddenly Seymour (which mind you, was the only individual number that got applause). So now we're singing 'Seasons of Love" at graduation. That's right folks, a three part harmony arrangment of Seasons of Love. As we learned it Jonathan Larson, rest his soul, rolled over in his grave. It sounds so bad. We'll see how it turns out.

Just thought you might like to know my songs of the week. The songs that I have been listening to this week on iTunes.

1.) Statues and Stories - Victoria Clark and Keli O' Hara (The Light in the Piazza)
2.) Rise Up - Idina Menzel (Zipper Theatre)
3.) Great Big Stuff - Norbert Leo Butz and Company (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
4.) Dirty Rotten Number - Norbert Leo Butz and John Lithgow (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
5.) The Beauty Is - Keli O' Hara (The Light in the Piazza)
6.) Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel (Zipper Theatre)
7.) The Song That Goes Like This - Christopher Seiber and Sara Ramirez (Spamalot)
8.) The Light in the Piazza - Keli O' Hara (The Light in the Piazza)
9.) Fallin' - Alicia Keyes (Songs in A Minor)
10.) Diva's Lament - Sara Ramirez (Spamalot)
11.) What Was a Women to Do - Joanna Gleason (Spamalot)
12.) Overture (The Light in the Piazza)
13.) Come With Me - Sara Ramirez (Spamalot)
14.) Fable - Victoria Clark (The Light in the Piazza)
15.) Here I Am - Sherie Renee Scott and Company (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
16.) I'll Cover You - Idina Menzel (Zipper Theatre)
17.) No Good Deed - Maria Eberline (Wicked, National Tour)

Well, that's all for tonight. Is that enough? Tomorrow I'll give you all a report on the 8th Grade Formal that I've thrown my blood, sweat, and tears into. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!


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[09 Jan 2005|12:16am]
[ mood | worried ]

it looks like playbill.com is not up to date on their news:

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[06 Jan 2005|10:38am]
[ mood | creative ]

yay for new layouts!!

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[29 Dec 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

ok...screw finishing the old update...the most amazing thing just happened.

so i'm watching jesse and kira preparing macaroni and cheese when the cleaning lady calls. now i can't understand what she's saying so i'm just saying yes, yes. i hear a beep and say ok bye! and click the phone. here's how the conersation went:

s: hello
mysterious voic (that sounds like that of amanda cohen's): hi this is KERRY BUTLER is SCOTT there?
s: haha...it's scott (i laugh because i think this is a prank call)
kb: hey scott! how are you?
s: (realizing that this is truly that voice of kerry butler) good how are you?
kb: good! i hear you were in little shop over the summer?
s: yeah! and i loved your show i saw it twice!!
kb: aww, thanks. how was your show?
s: well, it was terrible actually.
kb: aww, who were you?
s: mushnik (but i wanted anything but that)
kb: aww...did you have a good plant?
s: no, actually the plant was the worst part of the show
kb: thats too bad...so what's up? what grade are you in?
s: eigth
kb: wow high school next year?
s: so what are you in now
kb: nothing really, just a lot of readings
s: yeah...i heard you did the little mermaid
kb: yeah...we're trying to bring that to broadway. i also just did the wedding singer. like the movie.
s: oh cool!
kb: yeah, so next time you come see one of my shows definately drop me a note and i'll take you backstage after!
s: thanks! and i'll let you know next time i'm in something too (what was i thinking?)
kb: definately!...if i'm in new york i'll try to come see it!
s: i can't tell you how much this means to me!
kb: aww, no problem! good luck in everything you do!!
s: thanks soo much!!
kb: bye!
s: bye!
and as i hung up the phone i remembered: SHE KNOWS AYN!!!!! FUCK!!! oh well...another reason for her to come see the show!!

A LITTLE SIDE NOTE ON HOW KERRY BUTLER GOT MY PHONE NUMBER: my dad's good friend work's with kerry butler's sister and thought it would be funny if she called here so he had it done! yay!!! thats my fun story for the night/vacation!


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[28 Dec 2004|11:28am]
[ mood | creative ]

ok...i'm gonna really try to update this thing as often as possible. starting with yesterday. haha (i'm laughing at the time that has passed. typing it all would be too hard for my poor fragile fingers. let me sum it up though: i hung out with stage left kids, school started, hung out with the lefties, my english teacher has a beard, hung out with some of my acting friends, my math teacher has arms with forests on them, there are these kids from some theatre sleeping over, my math teacher also has the haircut of a male convict, i hung out with some kids, went to florida and performed in disneyworld (love you guys!!), stage left kids came over, got some bootleg, shoed it to my friends from stage left, lost my left kidney for a video of kristin chenoweth's last performance (but i got it!!), showed the video to some kids, saw wicked for the fifth time with a convict who walked out, got an ipod mini for hanukah, put all my bootleg on it, brought it to stage left, saw movies over christmas) which brings us to yesterday. well really for me yesterday starts sunday. me and liana were on the phone for about three hours making plans that eventually fell through anyway. so yesterday we said...we're seeing phantom. so we meet with bj and jen and see the movie. it was sooo amazing...a bit scary though...me and bj had a few moments. yeah...so celeste had told me she was the vocal coach on the movie so i made everyone sit there and wait for her name to roll by on the credits...

more to come later

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[27 Sep 2004|03:59pm]
Here is your first challenge!

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[27 Sep 2004|03:56pm]
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[28 Aug 2004|04:08pm]
Hey! I'm new here and to the whole icon making thing. But here are my first few. Enjoy! Please comment and credit! Thanks

It's good to see the icons, isn't it?Collapse )
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[28 Aug 2004|04:02pm]
It's good to see the icons isn't it? Collapse )
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Wicked! [13 Aug 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]

WHOA!! I haven't updated in a long time. Summer's been crazy. But something amazing happened the other day so I thought I'd share! Wednesday was Linda Sawyer's birthday. So Linda, Niki, Nila, Francesca, Liana, and Me (because I'm her third child) went into the City to eat dinner at The Palm and see Wicked (Fourth Time, but who's really counting?)! So we get to the Palm and the Manager (Charlie? Craig? Something with a C)says: "So you're seeing Wicked tonight? I'll put you next to Idina." HEART PALPITATIONS! He seats us and sure enough THERE'S IDINA MENZEL!! AHHHHHHH!!! 10 FEET AWAY. So there I am shoving those AMAZING breadsticks into my face while staring at Idina Menzel with her little Seltzer Bottle pouring it into a glass with ice cubes and a lime (I know I'm a sick stalker)so he goes and talks to her and she comes over to our table!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! So there is Idina . I get up and walk right over to her! Stand next to her and say: "this is my fourth time seeing the show" and she's like "You're crazy" (IDINA CALLED ME CRAZY!!) So I congratulate her on the Tony and she's like thanks so much. And we ask for pictures and she's like SURE! So as everyone's getting ready Idina Menzel is like "I hope i do good tonight with you guys in the audience!" (At that point I think I passed out for a second.) So we took a group picture and me and Dee got an individual shot. And then she left. First thing I did was start breathing again. Then, I called Mom. We ate and then I went to the bathroom. Where I had this wierd conversation with a man:

Him(at sink): Hey
Me(at urinal!): Hi
Him: How's dinner?
Me: Good
Him: What'd you get?
Me: Steak
Him: What kind?
Me: Filet Mingon
Him: Nice Choice!
Me: Thanks?
Him: Why are you in the City?
Me: I'm seeing Wicked! Fourth Time!!
Him: Oh! What time?
Me: 8
Him: Isn't that late?
Me: No, that's standard Broadway Evening Show time. Bye

So then we head across the street to the Gershwin (a.k.a.: HOME!). We sit down in our seats: THIRD ROW CENTER! The show starts. It's amazing to sit soo close (even though I sat there the first time I saw it!). You can see every ensemble member's mike! LOOK IT"S GLINDA! Of course we started the applause when Jennifer Laura Thompson came down but everyone caught on. She was amazing! She makes this funny mouth movements when she sings high vibrato though. Everything was so amazing! We could hear the cast having their little side conversations. It was cool! Now Joey McIntyre. UGH! WHAT TERRIBLE CASTING!! He was awful! Popular was HYSTERICAL!! Idina was laughing so hard! TOSS TOSS! Everything else was amazing! George Hearn: We'll get to him. DEFYING GRAVITY - So amazing from up close. Even though you could see how it was done, it was amazing to sit in the Gershwin Theatre with your head tilted to the ceiling watching Idina Menzel fly and belt out those beautiful. (hardest time I've cried yet!)

Act Two:
First time I've heard Thank Goodness LIVE since my birthday (last time Cheno cried through the whole thing ): )
Everything was amazing. And then we got to Wonderful. PUT SEAN MCCORT IN THE ROLE!!!! George Hearn was terrible. He can't even dance!! Then As Long As You're Mine came. AHHH!! WE NEED NORBERT! They changed the whole song for Joey. It sounded bad! And then on top of everything they had NO chemistry! I got confused and thought I was watching Liana and BJ! The Cornfield scene was terrible from the moment Joey swung in and delivered the best line in the show (just kidding) so badly I wanted to cry. Then he delivered the worst lines I had ever heard. All leading up to the climax: I'm going with her, which was just disgusting. No Good Deed made up for that whole scene though. It was just amazing! The rest of the show was great and Stage Door was CRAZY! We got there as Christopher Fitzgerald was coming out. He signed me and Li's Poster and Playbill, respectively. Liana was dying! He was like: Thanks for coming! And Li was like: You...Uh..Th..We, Then i cut her off and said: Thank You! She later told me she was going to say: Thanks for being in the show! So, it's a good thing I cut her off. Then Joey McIntyre came out. Got his autograph. Then Idina came out. And this really funny kid near us started convusling! He was dying. He was like: I SAW THE SHOW IN SAN FRANCISCO BABY! I GET CHILLS WHEN YOU SING!! So then she gets to me and some lady pushed me out of the way to take a picture but the security guy yelled at her and was like: NO PERSONAL PICTURES!!!! So I didn't get her autograph. (I have it already!) But, I was screaming: IDINA IT'S ME FROM THE RESTURAUNT!! but she didn't hear me. We went home and I slept at Li's in the Guest Room. It was funny cause we both slept in the same bed and I thought Francesca was gonna yell at us but she thought it was funny!
Then Li, Amanda, BJ, Jen, and Emma came. SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!

Well gotta go! Heading over to the Walgrove's.



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[04 Aug 2004|08:49pm]

It's Good to SEE ME ISNCollapse )
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[29 Jun 2004|08:40am]
[ mood | calm ]

yesterday i went to laurs with harry. we watched the movie gothika! ahhhhhh! at least i didn't cry during this one! so then we ordered domino's (its an addiction). after that we swam and her dog threw up and i stepped in it! ugh! so then harry cleaned it up. ahahaha. the pizza came and we ate. then we watched titanic since i'd never seen it (i'm a looooser). it's so sad at the end because the boat sinks!! who saw that coming?!? when i got home mom made me finish writing allof my thank yous. so now i have to go and finish all of them. ahhhh!! at 12 i have little shop and then i got right to annie at 6. fun fun...

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[28 Jun 2004|11:27am]
lets start on saturday...
i went to alyssa's with rae, heather, harry, and jacob. we hung out and watched the movie pay it forward. aww, at the end the kid gets stabbed and dies and i was like breaking down and they were all making fun of me. hehe. then we ordered domino's and i decided i was the most mature and would order it. so im on the phone and harry runs over and starts screaming like only he can and screaming "NO DADDY NO!! PLEASE STOP" so then i run into the bathroom and lock him out and he starts banging on the wall screaming. ahahaha. so it gets there and he has 4 (four) slices. i spell out four to remind you how obese the child is. then we go to rachels, pick up her bathing suit, drop of jacob, and go to starbucks. then we go to my house to swim and whatever. so we swim for a good 3 1/2 hours. then we decide that we're all dirty from swimming for so long. so we came up with a brilliant idea. we would shower together in our bathiung suits. so then heather gets in and her ocd kicks in in the shower and she decides that shes not gonna let anyone in the shower with her. so we wait and then me liss and harry go in together. in our bathing suits, mind you. well, except for alyssa. just kidding. so we get out and my parents were flipping out. so then alyssa starts like hyperventilating and she calls her mom to come pick her up. so then amanda comes over and we sing wicked outside. so then jacob comes over. and he tells us that we need to write letters to kids in africa. so then harry (being the genius that he is) goes: ok, dear cousin, how are you doing? still have aids? so then my mom starts screaming at him. ahahah. then he leaves and jacob and heather sleep over. we wake up and heather pushes me and heather into the pool which leads my mom to push her into the pool. so we're all swimming and jacob leads us into a conversation about what mindy bader would look like with light skin. ahhh! so they leave and we go to heathers with liss and rachel. we hung out and went ot fireworks which were fun. now i'm on my way to laurs with harry!
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[26 Jun 2004|12:28pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

ugh! today we were cleaning and i was talking to heather on the phone and jesse heard me drop the "f bomb". hehe. big trouble (even though i denied the whole thing). kira has an end of the year party today which means we'll have 17 little 7 year olds running around the house. SAVE ME! hopefully heather will comeover.
liana - had loads of fun last night! call me about sunday and monday (audition dance)

thats all for now.

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Six Flags! [23 Jun 2004|08:34pm]
Got home like an hour ago. Ugh! Had fun on the trip. The bus rides were fun. Slept on both. Have huge cramps from cramping into two coach bus seats. but sleeping was nice. the amusement park was fun. why did i just call it an amusement park? anyway, went onto skull mountain. fun fun! then josh, heather, and rebecca went on the water effect while me and halie stood on the bridge. but at the last second halie left and i was there dancing to get them (on the boat) to laugh. so as they're coming down i'm dancing to get them to laugh. but they were all looking down and the rest of the people on the ride are staring at me like i have no clothes on (mind you, i didn't) more after dinner...
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[22 Jun 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | drained ]

OK...I thought I updated about Saturday but it turns out i never hit the "Update Journal" button, os it didn't save. And it was good! And I'm not re-writing it, so long story short: We met Idina, wnet home, had parties, jacob and heather slept over, heather's pregnant, family came over, just kidding about heather.
so today heather, jacob, and harry came over, we watched t.v. and hung out, got into fights, and swam. harry did the funniest impression of someone diving into the pool and going to the bottom and snapping his neck (not funny! hehe). then he left and we ordered chinese food. mom opened her shrimp and there is this huge ass bug in her shrimp! so she flipped. and i kept eating my food because i was starving! and she was screaming at me but then heather and jacob started eating theirs too. so she was like, whatever. then she called them back and asked them to send her another shrimp. so they came without the shrimp. and mom had a fit. cause she showed the guy the bug and he was like: no, dat is a bug flum outside. and my mom was like: no, that was in my food! so he left and came back with shrimp. ahahahah. good times good times. OH! and i got a fuckin 73% on math final!! AHHHHHHH! and i studied sooooooooo hard!! eeeek. whatever.
tomorrow i go to six flags for the team field trip. should be fun. we'll see. i don't like roller coasters so it should be interesting.

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Finally [17 Jun 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Sorry, I haven't updated in years. Everythings been crazy. Finals! AHHHH! Let's start on Friday!

Friday: Happy Birthday Scott! (thank you). School was ok. Math final, blah. Mom had 4 pies delivered to the cafeteria for lunch. Ahaha. All of them went in two seconds. Thank God Alex Paige took 2 slices for me or I wouldn't have got. After that got home. Changed. Headed into the city with the Wolfsons, Harry and Heather. Interesting ride. We really talked about everything. Primarily, how I think the Hassideum are taking over the world. Someone changed Heather's phone banner to say "cockenballs" and when everyone was talking I looked it and I was liek "COCKENBALLS"?!?! And of course as I said it the whole car got quiet. I think Matt Wolfson is scarred for life. We went to eat at Bubba Gump's. Of course on the way there we screamed Hebrew Prayers to get Harry pissed. Heather called some guy gay really loud and he gave her the finger. Pretty God damn funny if you ask me! The food was good. But, my stomach hurt (boohoo). So they sang the whole birthday song to me and they brought me all around the resturaunt and I had tell the tables it was birthday. FUN STUFF!! Then we went to the Gershwin Theatre! Ahhhh!! Wicked #2. Of course we open the Playbill and Joel Grey is out. Damn! Oh, well. It's better than Kristin or Idina. The show was amazing!! They've changed some stuff since previews. Not a ton. But cool stuff. Sean McCourt (Joel's understudy) was great. He's a little to young and too big. Not his fault though. Kristin was really hamming it up for her last few performances. Idina's voice was a little shaky during "So if you care to find me..." but not as bad as Tonya Pinkins at the Tony's (poor woman). We went to the Stage Door after. IT WAS CRAZY!!! But of course we got there late because Mom had to go to the bathroom (of course). But we squezeed in. Kristin is so frikken tiny!!! Continued later...

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